5 Simple Hacks to Stay Healthy During Your Next Business Trip

5 Hacks to Stay Healthy During Your Business Trip

Carving out time to exercise is a challenge during the workweek. And when traveling for business, your healthy habits can quickly fall by the wayside.

But your work trip doesn’t have to throw a wrench in your healthy eating and workout streak. Follow these hacks to stay healthy from anywhere:

1. Come Prepared to Work Out

While most hotels have some sort of workout facility, the act of getting dressed and going down there might seem like a time suck in your jam-packed schedule. Bringing a few exercise essentials (workout clothes and shoes included) can help eliminate excuses and save you time. 

The Manduka eKo Travel Mat is an ultra-thin exercise mat that can easily be folded and placed at the bottom of your suitcase. Ankle weights are also a great alternative to dumbbells and lay flat in your carry-on. Simply having work out supplies and gear on hand will motivate you to make time.

2. Supplement Meals With Fast, Healthier Alternatives

While a free continental breakfast can be enticing, hotel buffets don’t often offer healthy alternatives. Instead, pack dry ingredients like instant steel cut oats and protein powder, and mix them with hot water for a fast, protein-rich breakfast. Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Cereal mixed with low-sugar granola is also a healthier alternative to dry cereals. Sub milk for Greek yogurt like FAGE to pack a bigger protein punch.

Don’t forget to bring healthy snacks like whole almonds or protein bars to tie you over between meals and meetings and prevent overeating.

3. Get Creative With Your Workout

No gym? No problem. That desk chair in your hotel room is perfect for bench dips, incline push-ups and many other fat-burning moves. You can also knock out a quick ab workout or body weight exercises without equipment. Burpees, jumping lunges and mountain climbers are great endurance-revving moves that help you work up a sweat fast.

4. Make Time in Your Schedule

Whether it’s 15 minutes or a full hour, you can have an effective workout, feel accomplished and stay true to your health goals.

Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier or sneak back to your room or hotel gym during lunch or before dinner. Although you may be slammed with work, meetings and the like, taking a 20-minute break from the chaos will help you clear your mind and recharge.

5. Take Your Trainer With You

People work harder and longer than ever before. Staying fit should fit into your on-the-go lifestyle — not compete with it. That’s why our trainers travel to clients’ homes or train them via web cameras. When working out works with your schedule, not against it, the excuses seem to dissolve, especially on business trips.

Adhering to your healthy streak is easy when you’re on the move for business or pleasure. It just requires a little effort and creativity upfront.

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