6 Active Things to Do in St. Louis This Summer

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Summertime in St. Louis probably means spending the weekends poolside or enjoying free concerts in the park all around the city — from Chesterfield, Kirkwood, downtown and more.

But are you taking full advantage of the active things to do in St. Louis? Why not work toward your fitness goals and enjoy summer at the same time?

Here are a few of our favorite active yet fun things to do in St. Louis:

1. Do the St. Louis Running Tour

The St. Louis Running Tour is a non-competitive 4.5 mile guided tour that meets at 8 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday morning at the runner statue in Kiener Plaza. The route winds through the streets and parks of downtown St. Louis and provides a historical look at the city. Plus, enjoy a post-drink run and T-shirt for finishing the tour. Get more tour details here.

2. Paddleboat at the Boathouse

Paddle leisurely or turn this pastime into a workout while enjoying St. Louis wildlife and famous Forest Park landmarks. The Post-Dispatch Lake boasts views of the St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo, Art Hill and more. Learn more about renting a paddleboat at Forest Park here.

3. Bike the Trails at Forest Park

Bike (or walk) the 6-mile asphalt path around the perimeter of Forest Park for awesome views of the city and a killer workout. The trail weaves through lakes, streams, savannas and other historic sites, providing a welcome reprieve from stale gym walls. Or, check out more of the best trails in St. Louis to find one near you.

4. Challenge Yourself in a Scheduled Race or Walk

Running or walking alongside hundreds of other people can seem intimidating from the outside. But committing to a race provides a goal to work toward and motivates you to get into a regular exercise routine. St. Louis also hosts many 5k and 10k races so you can start small and work your way up. See the full calendar of summer races in St. Louis.

5. Paddleboard or Kayak at Creve Coeur Lake

Paddleboarding and kayaking are the perfect change-up to your normal summertime routine. Plus, these water activities work your arms, abs, shoulders and back — providing a hard yet doable workout that’s sure to leave you sore. With beautiful views surrounding Creve Coeur Lake, getting out on the water makes for an ideal Saturday afternoon with family or friends. Get hours and pricing info here. 

6. Run and Climb Around the City Museum

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Spending a day exploring adult playgrounds, walking through caves and climbing around can get your blood pumping without even registering as exercise. Grab a group of friends, and head to the City Museum for a night of fun (and cardio). Or, take your family for a daytime adventure. If you really want to get a sweat in, walk the stairs to the 10th-story slide, and enjoy the ride down. See the City Museum hours and admission info.

There you have it — some of our favorite activities to do in St. Louis. What other ways do you stay active and enjoy the summertime?


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