Do I burn any extra calories post workout?

You ARE burning fat long after you have completed your workout. After exercise, your body is in a state of recovery for up to 2 days! The acronym EPOC was coined to describe this recovery process. EPOC stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. After both aerobic and strength training, your tired body is working hard to adapt to the work it has just been through and to replenish energy stores in order to return to it’s resting state. It’s very plausible that if you are working hard during your workout, you are burning 120-150 calories afterward. The magnitude of EPOC is directly related to the intensity of your workout so enjoy a high intensity strength training session, feel the burn, and reap the benefits while you sleep!


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  1. Great article with many different useful info. My exercise program comprises mainly of high intense interval training. I discover that I am most productive I exercise within the morning.

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