Fitness DVD’s Suck!

I get so frustrated watching hard sell hucksters promoting “fitness” DVDs. I was working out Saturday afternoon when one of these ads came on the TV and, as usual, it was selling false results. Most people watch the beautiful bodies that are the featured exercisers and believe that those are achievable results. The beautiful bodies are paid, professional models with genes that aren’t like the average person’s genes. Please don’t get caught up believing that 12 weeks of doing jumping jacks and plyometrics in your basement will make you look like the models on TV. It takes much longer than that. And I guarantee you that the beautiful bodies on the screen have been working on their physiques many years.

These programs are a one-size-fits-all program and not everyone is on the same level. I don’t care if they give you a low impact version. Everyone has different goals and needs, so giving a blanket program is not effective or safe.
If your goal is to truly get in shape, to be strong, and to be healthy, you must work face to face with a trainer who will watch to make sure that you aren’t injuring yourself, who will instruct you in the proper exercises for your specific needs and who will motivate you and push you to achieve the results that you desire. It’s a well-known fact that two heads are better than one; that adage is just as valid with exercise.

So, instead of spending your money on a DVD set that can’t interact with you and see how you’re doing, spend your money on a legitimate trainer or gym membership that you will actually use.

Ian Fagala, MS, CSCS
Personal Trainer
Essential Fitness