How do I stay motivated to push myself through my workout?

Many people set forth in their workout with great intentions of blasting through it triumphantly and then find themselves mildly working through. So what is the answer? How does one finish feeling a sense of accomplishment and not disappointment? Personal trainers deal with this as well believe it or
not and this is what I do to make the most of each workout.

Before I start, I make sure I am prepared. Do I have water? Do I have the right clothing on for the workout? Shoes? Ipod? Towel? This way, there isn’t the risk of blaming a crummy workout on not being properly equipped. Then, I move myself into the proper mindset. I tell myself to put aside anything in
my personal/professional life that might be a distraction so that I can focus on my workout. I then set an immediate goal to push myself as hard as I can, to see just how productive I can make this single workout. During the workout here are several things you can do to stay focused:

1. Constantly remind yourself of the details of each movement and how it is suppose to be
performed perfectly from start to finish.
2. Do each repetition as if it was the ONLY one.
3. Focus on the muscle(s) you are working.
4. Never quit early. If halfway through a set you realize you were a little over-zealous in the
complexity, amount of resistance, or number of repetitions, never quit in the middle, unless you
are at risk of injuring yourself or others, of course. Instead, modify the exercise where necessary
to complete the set.
5. Keep moving. Once you start down the path of grabbing a ringing phone, taking an extended
break, talking to someone, or sitting down between exercises, it will be hard to pull yourself out
of it.

If you are able to follow these training tips, you will find, more times than not, that you will finish feeling very good about yourself and what you have accomplished.