5 Tips to Unlock Your Motivation and Dominate Your Fitness Goals

get motivated to work out

Dreaming up your health goals is easy. You might know exactly how much weight you’d like to lose or which pair of jeans you’d like to fit into. But actually taking steps to achieve these goals? Now that’s a different story.

To crush your health goals, you need to find the drive to get there and sustain this healthier lifestyle.

Here are 5 ways to unleash your motivation and start living out your fitness goals:

1. Get in a routine

It’s easy to push off exercise, especially when juggling a hectic work and home schedule. Instead of trying to squeeze a workout into your daily schedule, make a set time to exercise each day.

Start heading to the gym during your lunch hour or setting your alarm a little earlier and working out at home in the morning. Once working out becomes ingrained in your daily routine – and not some far-off item on your to-do list — achieving your health goals will become second-nature.

2. Change your mindset

Motivation begins with your mentality. When working out feels like a chore or punishment for downing that extra slice of pizza, you’ll be less motivated to get out there and work up a sweat.

To do this, you could position exercise as an opportunity to enjoy the nice weather, and take your workout outdoors. For inspiration, check out our list of the best scenic trails in St. Louis.

Reframing exercise as a reward or enjoyable part of your day will take time and practice, but once you start to harp on how great you feel post-workout or other benefits of working out, you’ll be more eager to make time for exercise each day.

3. Add an accountability factor

You’re much less likely to skimp on your health goals when others are counting on you. To get some accountability to your health goals, rally a group of friends, and start going for regular walks or doing a class at the gym together.

If group fitness isn’t for you or you just don’t like the gym scene, consider in-home personal training. At Body Fit St. Louis, our certified personal trainers come to you — either in-person or via webcam — to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals. When you have someone invested in your health goals and willing to accommodate your schedule, working out not only becomes more doable, but also more enjoyable. 

4. Play to your strengths

If you’re not the best runner, motivating yourself to hop on a treadmill won’t be easy. So naturally, you might find excuses to skip the gym or working out altogether.

Instead, get back into your fitness groove by doing activities you enjoy or you’re good at. Or, simply build up your endurance by walking outdoors so you feel more confident at the gym. Once you regain some confidence, you’ll be mentally prepared to tackle the treadmill or other daunting machines.

5. Find the right beat

Turn your workout into high gear by cranking up the tunes. According to a 2015 McMaster University study where exercisers sprinted in intervals with and without music, 95% said they had more fun running with music. But to get the most motivation from music, you need to find the right beat.

While psychologists have suggested that people prefer music that’s 120 bpm, when running on a treadmill, this number jumps to 160 bpm. However, recent research suggests that anything higher that 145 bpm doesn’t have an increased motivational factor. To strike the right balance, use apps like Google Play Music to help match your workout to the right beat.

What are you waiting for? Use these tricks to regain your fitness motivation, and start crushing your 2016 health goals!

To learn more about Body Fit St. Louis’ in-home personal training and how it can benefit you, get your free consultation today!


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