Best St. Louis Running Trails

Best St. Louis Running Trails

Feeling uninspired by the cardio machines at the gym? It’s time to take your fitness routine outside and hit the trails! No matter your fitness level, running is a great way to increase cardiovascular endurance, relieve stress and improve your overall health.

St. Louis is a popular destination for fitness lovers thanks to its large park system and location along the Mississippi River. Running is a perfect way to get some exercise while you experience the city’s rich history and beautiful landmarks. Here are some of the best running trails in St. Louis.

Forest Park

This 1,300-acre park was the site of the World’s Fair in 1904. It’s one of the largest urban parks in the country, and contains over a dozen interconnected trails. You can run the 5.6 mile loop or zigzag through the park to check out some of the historic monuments, including the Emerson Grand Basin, St. Louis Art Museum and St. Louis Zoo.

Tower Grove Park

If beautiful scenery is your thing, Tower Grove Park will not disappoint you. Tower Grove Park is a wooded Victorian park near downtown St. Louis. The park, a natural historic landmark, features a four-mile loop that is popular among runners, cyclists and walkers. This urban forest is known for its rich tree diversity, with nearly 7,000 trees and 325 varieties. Don’t forget to pass through the Missouri Botanical Gardens during your run!

Arch Loop

The Arch Loop is the perfect way to see St. Louis’s Gateway Arch up close and personal. To log a four-mile run, start at the convention center and run around the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park twice. You’ll run along the waterfront and take in all the iconic sights that downtown St. Louis has to offer.

Grant’s Trail

If you want to experience a bit of St. Louis’s presidential history, check out Grant’s Trail. Grant’s Trail is a scenic eight-mile running and biking trail in southwest St. Louis County. Notable sights include former President Ulysses Grant’s home, the Budweiser Clydesdale pastures and Grant’s Farm. The trail is partially shaded and features plenty of bathrooms and water fountains.

Castlewood State Park

If trail running is your specialty, you won’t want to miss Castlewood State Park. The park features interconnected hiking and biking trails for runners of every skill level. The winding Meramec River and lush meadows are filled with wildlife, making Castlewood State Park one of the most beautiful trail running spots in the area. There are 27 miles of trails to explore, so take your time and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

St. Louis running trails offer something for everyone, from casual runners to experienced athletes. Even if you don’t run often, hitting the trail is a great way to switch up your everyday fitness routine. Running is a great complement to strength training and HIIT workouts.

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