Fitness Trends 2017: Where to Jump on the Bandwagon in St. Louis

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2017 is coming in hot — why not stay ahead of your New Year’s resolutions with some fun new fitness trends for 2017?

Exercise quickly turns stale when you lift the same weights in the same motions and walk the same treadmill week after week. Fitness trends are a fun way to liven up your workout and reignite your passion to get fit.

Here are 4 2017 fitness trends guaranteed to make waves in the coming months and where you can get in on the action in St. Louis.

1. Dance and Aerobic Style Classes

When you’re having a blast dancing your heart out, it hardly feels like a workout. These classes combine high-energy dance and exercise for a fun, revolutionary approach to fitness.

New York City gyms like Seen On Screen Fitness and the Tracy Anderson method are paving the way for dance-infused cardio — a fitness trend you will definitely see more of in 2017.

If you’re looking for upbeat dance aerobic classes in St. Louis, check out Groove Cardio Dance or Lifetime Fitness for its Zumba and Dance Cardio classes.

2. Street Workouts

From Parkour to pull-up bars, the “street-style” outdoor fitness trend is springing up in parks and gyms all over. More local parks are incorporating training equipment, and more gyms like Kōr Komplex in St. Louis are adopting rugged American Ninja Warrior-style workouts.

Eager to take your exercise outdoors? Check out the exercise stations in Calisthenics Park within Tower Grove Park. The triangle pull-up bar and horizontal bars give you the perfect chance to get creative with your workout while enjoying the brisk fall breeze. Kōr Komplex also offers obstacle classes and personal training for those wanting a more rugged approach to fitness.

3. HIIT for Pilates

Coined “PHIIT,” this HITT-style take on Pilates includes toning and core strengthening moves along with the high intensity cardiovascular component of HIIT.

With HIIT training, you alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods for maximum calorie burn. Paired with the lengthening and strengthening approach to Pilates, PHIIT classes offer the ultimate workout. Head to CityFit for their Barre + Cardio classes to catch this 2017 fitness trend in St. Louis.

4. Functional Fitness

So this one isn’t exactly new, but according to Elle magazine, 2017 will see a return to functional fitness.

Functional fitness includes exercises designed to train and develop your muscles to work together to better perform everyday tasks. Essentially, it’s exercise designed for a specific purpose — to help you lead a fuller life.

At Body Fit St. Louis, we center our workouts on functional movements and tailor each work out to your individual needs. Need a lively, fast-paced engagement to get you excited about fitness? Our trainers can adapt each training session to your fitness needs to help you reach your health goals.

To make fitness more accessible, we offer in-home personal training and webcam training. At Body Fit, we believe fitness should work for your lifestyle — not against it.

Ready to take on your loftiest 2017 fitness goals? Schedule your free consultation today!


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