Is an In Home Personal Trainer the Right Fitness Solution for You?

woman working out at home via webcam

Between caring for a family and keeping your own head straight, fitness often falls low on growing the list of priorities. But to take the best care of the people around you, you need to take care of yourself first.

What Is In Home Personal Training?

Personal training is a great way to clear your mind, dissolve stress and reveal the best version of yourself. For moms short on time, an in home personal trainer can ease the pain of getting to the gym or finding the motivation to exercise at home.

Instead of spending 30 minutes just getting to the gym, in home training brings the gym to you. At Body Fit St. Louis, our NASM-certified trainers travel to clients’ homes or train them via webcam.

In-home training is centered on functional fitness — exercises designed to train and develop your muscles to work together to better perform everyday tasks. The best part about functional training? There is virtually no equipment needed.

Functional exercises also tend to involve multiple muscles or joints in an exercise so you have a more efficient workout, reduce the risk of injury, create core stability and improve your quality of life.

Learn more about the benefits of in home personal training.

Webcam Training: Another Alternative to the Gym

For working adults who travel often or want to train wherever they are, webcam training is another flexible way to stay on track to hit your health and fitness goals. Like in home training, webcam training also requires almost no equipment — just a computer and a positive attitude!

Who Does In Home Personal Training Work For?

In home training and webcam training work well for busy adults and teens who struggle to get to the gym. It’s a great fitness solution if:

  • You have young children
  • You like to exercise without distraction
  • You prefer to work out at home
  • You’re looking for a specialized form of personal training
  • You’re serious about reaching your goals quickly and safely

What Should You Expect From an In Home Personal Trainer?

At Body Fit St. Louis, you choose your in-home personal trainer, personal training schedule and format (whether in-home or via webcam). Your trainer will provide an in-home health and fitness consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals and map out your journey.

By opting for in home personal training, you eliminate the expense of joining a gym or purchasing costly and bulky workout equipment. Our in home personal trainers create a personalized exercise plan and bring the equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to one of our personal training experts here for your free in home consultation.


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